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Thanks for helping to keep our family and the work here
in the hearts and minds of God's people around you!

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Sept. 22 to Jan. 7th News

Higher Resolution for printing [Bigger File] of Sept. 22 to Jan. 7

September 21 Summer News

September 21 Summer News
Higher Resolution for printing [Bigger File] of September 21 Summer News

Spring Update June 2023

June 8th Spring News
Higher Resolution for Printing [Bigger File] of June 8th Spring News

Winter Report Big News March 2023

2023 winter_report_march_14th
Higher Resolution Bigger File of Tegutalk Winter Report
His Kingdom His Righteousness

Summer Report 2022

Tegutalk Summer 2022
Opus Magnum Womens Conference"
Download Higher Resolution: "His Kindom His Righteosness" Higher Resolution Bigger File of Summer Report Tegutalk Download Higher Resolution of Opus Magnum Womens Conference.
Baptisms Last 14 months 2021-2022

Spring 2022

HD_hike.jpgHD Disciple Maker Camp
Download Higher Resolution 2021 to 2022 baptisms Higher Resolution Bigger File of Spring Tegutalk
Retreat Center Update

News from August to November

"We are the Rileys" video
Download Higher Resolution: "not_just_a_retreat_center" Higher Resolution bigger file: "2021_nov_tegutalk" Download Higher Resolution: "We_are_the_Rileys"
Hurricane Responce 2020

Big News from the Riley's

Download Higher Resolution: "hurricane_2020"
"Day of the Child 2020" video

January 14 Hurricane Update

Big Soft Tortillas by Gamaliel

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